Thursday, June 21

{Minneapolis Minnesota Photography} Hello, hello!

Dear readers/clients/friends/family/YOU,


This is my first post on this site and I can't wait to post a million more. Because this site is brand new I do not have any galleries posted yet, so for now feel free to check out this link Galleries which will take you to my old blog. You can check out the images there from my past shoots and then email me to book your shoot!

A little bit about my style...I love creating and capturing moments. During your photo shoot I want it to be a fun experience where you can be yourself and laugh and make silly faces. In family shoots, or with little children I will probably be the one pulling silly faces, dancing around and jumping up and down making weird noises to get the little ones attention! I will do anything for a smile :)

Some of my favorite shoots have been lifestyle sessions, where I basically capture your everyday life and activities with your children, spouse, friends or loved ones. We bring out games, go to the park, eat ice cream and have a blast. Other times we lounge around in pajamas and I take snapshots of your morning routine...getting the little ones dressed, reading together, jumping on the bed, tickling...I love taking pictures of these moments, because of the realness! What a keepsake to have! What a wonderful way to preserve a memory, or stage of your life.

Well, I will share some pictures a long with this post, of some of my favorite sessions from the past.

Thanks for stopping by!


and I better stop there :)

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