Wednesday, July 18

{ Minneapolis Minnesota Photography } Baby Rowan

I love doing photo shoots for little kids.
love love LOVE.
It is so fun to see their personalities and run around with them! Once they're over a year old and can start exploring and running and doing whatever it is they find interest in, it makes for a fun, active photo shoot. I don't try to pose or make them sit still, unless they just want to sit still... but usually we get to the location and it's go time baby. I need to remember to wear tennis shoes and pants so I can crawl around on the cement and dirt. Sometimes I make funny noises, or I play a game or two to get some genuine smiles from these little ones. I sing songs and play tag and it makes for a non-stress photo shoot for your little one and more of a game for everyone, but at the same time we get some awesome natural pictures. are some pictures of sweet Rowan:

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