Wednesday, March 27

giraffe tutorial

1. step one: cut pieces out from pattern and trace onto material and then cut those out
2. sew it all together
3. stuff it
4. sew it again
5. more sewing
6. name it (mine=Francis)
7. let children put Woody and Jesse dolls on it's back and run it around the house like mad, legs flapping and cover your eyes for fear it's all going to fall apart.
8. guess what!? It didn't fall apart.

I'm going to be using these dolls for newborn props/children's toys in photo shoots as well as gifts along with my gift certificates for photography. 

 I filled the giraffe with organic wool that looked like cotton candy and made me feel fancy and earthy (thanks Nicole). At the bottoms of the legs (the silky part) I put some rice inside to make it sturdy. 
I might add little black buttons for eyes, or I might leave it as it is. I still haven't put the horns in between the ears. Here's the link for the tutorial I found via pinterest. 

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