Tuesday, March 5

{ Twin Cities Photographer } stranger in the snow

You all probably thought this post was going to be beautiful pictures of someone standing in the snow. Or a snowman. Or, hmmm. . . maybe a stranger in the snow? but no, sorry. I do have a story though and I wanted to share it with you.

It is snowing... It is STILL snowing. You guys, it's piling up pretty high out there. I spent the morning shoveling my car out of the street and then I shoveled a new spot for it on the opposite side (we had errands to run soon, and my car needed to face that way to go toward the errands) and because of all the snow in the middle of the street I couldn't get through to my new spot. I was stuck.  Meanwhile someone came and parked in my shoveled spot, which wasn't the point of this story, but I was like, wo.

I would reverse and not move and then pull forward and not move and I called my car really nice names and patted the dash board while giving encouraging, "you can do it"'s and I hit the steering wheel a couple times when it wouldn't do it. . .

And then as I was getting worked up about this situation a man turned the corner with a snow blower and brought the snow blower right onto the street and went all around my car. Then he got down and just started pushing against my car. We hadn't even said anything to each other yet and he would stand in the front of my car and push me back and then he would run to the back and push me forward. He fell a couple times when my car would budge and then he stood right back up and starting pushing again. I was able to move out of the middle of the road and back into my original spot, but not far from that. I opened my door and told him that I could just stay here for the day and not worry about it. He said we'll get it and went back to pushing.

Within the next 10 minutes the pushing worked. I moved across the middle and down the street. I was afraid to stop, in case I got stuck again and was running a little late for Lucy's dance class anyway. I wanted to say thank you to the stranger. Watching him in my mirror as I drove off he just went back to his snow blower and turned around the corner from where he had come from. I'm grateful that he found me this morning and followed whatever thought came to his mind to go look down the street. I rolled down my window and yelled a manly thank you (my voice is kinda soft, so I have to go low and unwomanly when I need to be heard) but through the falling snow I doubt he heard me.

I was just thinking about how good people are. And how good I was to shovel all morning and clear that parking spot for a stranger ;) No. I had no intentions of shoveling that for a stranger, but after this occurrence my heart  told me that I should have. What am I doing selflessly each day? It made me want to go and shovel other people's sidewalks  and dust their cars off, just in case they would need to go out.

Instead of having you all leave a comment with your address so I can come shovel your walks, I was thinking that I could serve in a different way, and I want to give YOU all an opportunity to serve as well. SO...leave a comment nominating someone you think would love a simple indoor photo shoot this cold time of the year. (for free). You can leave a comment with a name or you can go into more detail if you want. Just start thinking of someone other than yourself and get commenting. You can nominate multiple people. I will post the details when I choose a winner and you will be contacted by email after the selection for contact information. Twin Cities or close neighboring areas only and this will be booked and planned out to happen in March or April.



  1. I nominate Maegan Cruz and her 4 beautiful children!

  2. I nominate Rachel Gaulke! She's a busy mom to 3 little boys and due with a baby girl soon! That little girl needs some cute pictures with her big brothers when she gets here!

  3. This is such a good post and I love what you're doing. Your photography is going to touch SO MANY PEOPLE. That being said... I nominate Anastasia Ocho when she gets out of the hospital. Hopefully with her husband and cute guy, Dami.

  4. Rachel Zirkle and her daughter for a mommy daughter session, before her baby is born.

  5. I nominate Mariah Platou- she has so been looking forward to being a mom and now she's pregnant with two! What better way to commemorate that journey than with some beautiful photography (:

  6. I nominate Katy and Martin Gille with their soon to be twins! My husband and I tried giving them a maternity photo shoot with our fancy camera but one thing after the next back fired. First our location plans got squashed when Katy went on bed rest so we moved the location to their apartment. Then we forgot our camera battery so used their much less expensive camera. Then their camera died. Then we rescheduled but poor Katy was having a hormonal breakdown and couldn't handle the shoot and was feeling too large to be photographed. (She already has 10 pounds of baby in her short body and isn't due until mid April!) They deserve a quality photo shoot with their new little babies. They are so helpful to everyone else and deserve something for them!

  7. I would like to nominate Mandy Olsen. She is such a sweet and kind individual. Definitely deserving of a photo shoot.