Sunday, April 7

[ Twin Cities Photographer ] Flourish Flower Co. full post

So I talked about this photo shoot briefly in an earlier post a couple days ago
and I wanted to share a few more pictures from the session.
First off, Taylor Stonehocker; floral designer, is AMAZING at what she does. 
She whipped up this gorgeous winter bouquet and hair piece that are PERFECT for a winter/romantic wedding. I love all the details, each different flower, the pine cones. . . it all went together so well. 

Taylor also took most of these pictures. I'm the one in the dress, so she had the camera :)
It was a fun collaberation. 


  1. This turned out so fun!! Taylor and Steph, you are both so talented!

  2. Okay, two things.

    First of all, I am staying up way too late catching up on both your blogs and your fantastic photography, delicious food, and fun projects. Why oh why didn't we hang out more when you lived here? We couldn't possibly have more interests in common. :)

    Secondly, this dress!!! Seriously, I die. It's so stunning. And you look stunning in it. And the flowers! And the lighting! Picture #2 couldn't be any more perfect. Love it all!!