Friday, October 18

editing exporting burning oh my!

Editing, Exporting, Burning 
Oh my!
Editing, Exporting, Burning 
Oh my!
Editing, Exporting, Burning 
Oh my!

Oh that doesn't have a ring to it like lions, tigers and bears? hmm, oh well, that's what I've been singing to myself in my head every single day this week.

no I'm kidding.
I just made it up, but I'm going to start singing it now :)

It's a good thing that
I LOVE photography

From seeing your personalities during the session, 
capturing little smiles, 
genuine laughter,
grumpy kiddos
and intimate glances 
and then going through ALL the pics to get them ready to present to you
and then finally being able to show you the photos, it just makes me happy. 

 Sure, I have to leave the computer and take a break from your awesome faces every now and then but every once in a while, probably guaranteed once a session at least, I laugh out loud at times so that my hubby has to come in to see what's so funny with certain shots.

You guys what I'm saying is

thank you.

 I love taking your pictures and I love meeting you. 
After a session I hope you feel good about yourself and those I photographed you with.
I hope you get excited to see the hundreds of photos, the perfectly posed shots, with the random chaotic ones. I just want to capture this moment in your life and give you all of it so you have a record of this time. 

I'm currently working on a children's photo session video and will post soon.
Have a great weekend. 



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