Tuesday, October 15

Family fall session Minneapolis Minnesota - Winder family

This session was a little last minute.
We scheduled it the day before, when we saw the weather was going to be beautiful.
And I'm so happy we did.
Mom and Dad were really cute together. You guys, I felt like I was taking pictures of newly weds,
or an engaged couple.
And I mean that in a good way.
When I am taking couple shots I usually cue them with instructions like,
whisper something you love about her in her ear,
tell him about a time he made you smile
rather than just lean in close and look like your whispering
so we get REAL moments being captured,
and expressions that don't come from just being posed.
Their little boy, Carson, is a little stud muffin.
I had to fight for his attention with all the cool sticks and leaves around me.
It was tough, man.
Those little boys love to explore and who wants to look at a camera when all that is going on?
I love the ones I got of him though.
The smiles and the explorer.

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