Saturday, October 12

Family fall session Minneapolis Minnesota - Lowe family

this family was a lot of fun. 

look at them.

I felt like I had known them for a really long time.

Heidi (mom) and I had talked on the phone over the past couple weeks,
scheduling and planning this session and when I finally was able to meet her in person I felt like I already knew her. I bet she is one of those people that gets along with everyone,
and she can make everyone feel loved and like family.

Not gonna lie, though, the rest of the fam was the same way.

I'm so happy I was able to meet this family and do pictures for them.
Their son, Ryan is leaving this week to serve a mission for the LDS church
He is putting school, dating, work...everything on hold for two years to go and serve the people in Brazil. He will teach them that families can be together forever, and that they are children of God and that He loves them.
What a blessing for him and those people! 
I love missionaries.

(You can go to this site to learn more about the gospel Ryan will be teaching:

Okay enough of my journal entry,
here are some of the pics

Thank you Lowe family!


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