Sunday, January 13

couple photo shoot~winter picnic in Minneapolis

"Never underestimate the power of true love, for it knows no barriers."

John H. Groberg - 2004 Oct. Gen. Conf

these were taken yesterday when it was FREEZING cold.
I am typing this post with two fingers, as the other 8 fell off when we got in the car.
ah ha ha! I am so good at jokes.

but you know what?
I'd go out there again in the cold with these two lovies!
Jaewon and Zach have been married for one year this spring.
Their expressions killed me. I mean, could they be any more attractive, or more in love?
no and no.



  1. They are both gorgeous. I was thinking they should be in a magazine while looking at these. The picnic and mugs were a darling touch. Also I totally laughed out loud at your joke. ( : haha love ya!

  2. Steph! These are gorgeous!! You are doing such lovely work- I miss you so much- both shooting with you and just hanging out. Hope all is well beautiful lady!!!

    1. Kiersten! It's good to hear from you! I always talk about how we did pictures together and I miss you too! Your kiddos are growing up so fast! You need to post more pics of your littlest one. Her cheeks are so delicious :)

  3. Beautiful. What lens do you shoot with? These are so lovely.

    1. Leah thank you so much. I always admire YOUR work. I use my nifty 50 mm 1.8 for all my photo shoots